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March 15, 2022 | Panther Creek News

Panther Creek Cellars Fan Stories - Part 2

Panther Creek Cellars Fan Stories - Part 2

Dan Martino - 

Dinner last Saturday with the '06 Pinot was a great celebration of a pretty cool thing that happened in my life.  The whole story is on my Facebook page but the readers digest version is first guitar (bought in 1968), the guitar I learned to play on and wrote my first songs on was destroyed in 1971.  It sat in pieces in closets for over 50 years.  I recently found a luthier (stringed instrument craftsman) who was actually able to resurrect the instrument.  That's what we toasted with your incredible worthy a wine as I could imagine for the occasion.  I've attached a few pics.


The Resurrection of the Original 1960's Guitar



Good Life Destinations

Since roughly 2008, my wife Carol and I have been operating a travel website called Good Life Destinations.  We chronicle our travels and other experiences including a "column" I write called "Kindred Spirits" where I talk about wine, beer, single malts and other potables.  I intend to do a feature on your '06 Pinot which will include some of the guitar repair story.  

I look forward to tasting more Panther Creek wines!


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