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November 18, 2016 | Panther Creek News

Panther Creek in Wine Industry Advisor's "What the Winemakers Are Drinking at Thanksgiving"

Tony Rynders, Winemaker Panther Creek

For the traditionalist who’s doing the turkey with all the fixings, I think the 2013 Panther Creek Winemaker’s Cuvee Pinot Noir would be a really great accompaniment. It has a lot of red fruit character that pairs fabulously with the old school Thanksgiving meal of turkey, cranberry and savory stuffing.

I’m excited about the this vintage, it was my first wine for Panther Creek, and 2013 was a vintage where the wines were a little bit more compact, and a little bit more tightly wound, so that the additional year or two in the bottle has benefitted those wines enormously. The 2013 Panther Creek Winemaker’s Cuvee Pinot Noir is actually just signing right now, it’s delicious.

Pinot Noir is obviously a pretty logical fit for traditional Thanksgiving fare, but not everyone is a traditionalist. Personally I’m not one to always follow the traditional route. I recently tasted the 2012 DeLille Cellars D2 at a Bacchus Group tasting. It’s a bigger wine, a bit more structured, but the D2 is just a fabulous wine. So for folks who are departing a little bit and working with maybe some ham or something along those lines, that would be a good fit.



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